OpenWrt support for Zyxel nr7103 from Telia

I have a telia branded zyxel nr7103 that could use openwrt. A quick check revealed: Serial console shows garbled content, web interface does not accept supervisor password using generator from nr7101 how to, ssh only accepts keypairs and usb-c available form the outside does not expose anything useful. Any good ideas?

Your device does not appear to be supported by OpenWrt... it is not included in the table of hardware:

Is there a specific reason that you believe the nr7103 is supported?

Just a way of saying that it would be useful to get openwrt on it… 7101, 7102 and 7103 are marketed as one line of antennas and my first step to determine the feasibility of supporting/installing was to gain access as described.

Ah, I see.

A big first step in determining the ability for support to be added would be to get all the specifications for the device -- chipset, RAM, flash storage, etc... If you can provide that information, the developers can chime in about "is it possible or not."

Regarding your specific issue of needing to get the password, for that I'd recommend searching the web and/or asking on forums that are focused on the vendor firmware for the Zyxel products.

I have same experience as you with 7103.
Could not get serial data readable. Enabeled ssh in webif but cant get connection.

F0: 102B 0000
F3: 0000 0000 [0200]
V0: 0000 0000 [0001]
00: C001 0001
01: 0000 0000
BP: 0860 0041 [0000]
G0: 2192 0000
EC: 0000 0000 [2200]
T0: 0000 0367 [010A]
Jump to BL

β–’β–’8β–’<#<Q=β–’β–’β–’%qa%qβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’Dβ–’!β–’qHDB5!β–’ f5!%@aβ–’ !!!qHβ–’
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%β–’%β–’β–’   {β–’%!β–’β–’Qβ–’#!qβ–’    !-β–’!β–’β–’&!:?1!ezβ–’zβ–’!β–’β–’!%β–’β–’       β–’F!β–’β–’!q β–’!5@β–’Jβ–’k%mβ–’β–’Jβ–’k=$

Nr7102 from allente:

[    0.000000] EcoNet EN7580 SOC prom init

I should also note that I could not access the teliainstallasjon Wi-Fi network due to unknown password. I see there are CVEs with vulnerabilities that coul facilitate breaking in.

@Tarmgass, how did you gain access to web if?

There is a sticker with password and qr code for wifi login on backside of router.

Sorry! My mistake! This was the nr7102, from allente. I have been messing with all 3 devices last days.

Thanks anyway. I am playing with a nr7101 from Telenor as well. No sticker on either.

Okey, 7101 should not be any problem.
Looks like the newest one of these use another supervisor algorithm than the script. I tried with one but no chance to log in with root. Tried both old and new algorithm.

Nr7101 down on second attempt.

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