OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX10000

AKA Xiaomi BE10000, Wifi 6 router with spf+ port!

Here are the specs:

Hers is a crack method to enable ssh:

It’s a bit disappointing that this doesn’t support 6GHz (as that has not been approved in China). Support for this is probably faaaaaar away. Not even sure if this CPU has even seen upstream kernel yet.

Quick search doesn’t show up much yet.

Here is a teardown article. With QCN6274 + QPF4559, the hardware cannot support 6GHz.


I would very much love to have one as QCA is upstreaming it unlike the previous ones, but its unobtanium here and too expensive to poke around.

I have this device with root access and if anyone wants data for adding openwrt support I would be happy to assist. I personally have no experience with kernel and driver development.

Running the latest firmware 1.0.77

We have a thread about this at 4pda with some additional info

BTW I don't see it referred to as AX10000, it's usually called XIAOMI Router 10000 or XIAOMI Router 10 Gigabit, the model number is RC01.