OpenWrt support for Vodafone Hub (UK) THG3000/D4351

Hello there,

I started using OpenWRT around 2012, but then got into IT where deployed mesh devices and no longer used “old” devices where OpenWRT would come in handy, until now….

Today i have got Vodafone Hub (UK) a THG3000/D4351[]=thg3000

But to my surprise, there is no OpenWRT or any dev who would’ve picked up and has a dirty FW for it.
As far as i can tell the chip/SOC and WiFi modem is supported, but an FW package is needed to be built.
FYI i have seen one forum where they have got a link to GPL version of the original Vodafone from Vodafone (link is not in the post tho) FW which was about ~250MB

Long story short, happy to jump on the router and RIP into pieces (i mean software) and try to build a dirty package to see how it behaves with OpenWRT (what needs to be tweaked, dump stuff from it), however i’d like to ask for help from fellow devs to help me out.
I have Discord too, which i think a quicker way of communication to build.

I’d like point out that my goal is to succeed with it and will pursue the project until it’s a clear dead end or a complete success.

Any devs and/or advanced OpenWRT users would be able to help me build a dirty package?

Please let me what you need from me and i will happily try and do it.

There is no chance to get the 2.4 GHz wireless, nor any of the phone/ modem features working, which makes it rather uninteresting as a target for OpenWrt.