OpenWrt support for TrekStor DataStation pocket air

Hi Guys, i want to share some info first si i have this TrekStor DataStation pocket air, and it's software it's not so good, so i search on the internet and similar hardware are "Ravpower RP-WD01/2" and " Lenovo F800" and these hdd they have openwrt support :X lovley, and i want to ask if posibile to give me a hand to make mine with openwrt if possible, thanks guys

Define similar hardware...

hi, i'm not a programer or advanced dev, but from what i seen on internet, the firmware of these devices are the same altmost.. some guys they flash from one device to other, to be specific from Lenovo F800 to Ravpower RP-WD02, and i see Ravpower has openwrt firmware, thers verry little about my device trekstor, as i sayd, i want to know if posibile to install openwrt on it, i have telnet access and actual firmware trekstor is "2.000.026"

IF you have a documented recovery mechanism you can try it.
if NOT I would advice against it. you should start by opening the case and post detailed photos here

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Back board

Front board

Seems the device has 32MB RAM, which is a dead end, from an openwrt point of view.

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Yes I know that openwrt will not support 4/32, I understand that. I was thinking of 17.0 or oven older as long I can make samba, wifi, usb, working better on this device. I don't really care about this device, I want to play around and if I can make it work better for a mini nas server, I installed 500g HDD on it, right now I get 1 2 Mbps over wifi...

in that case, check if the four pins at the bottom of the last photo is the serial console.

mate, i think i will leave this project as is it, cuz i don't have the tools to flash if need it, today i bought Linksys Wrt1200ac, i found it cheap on ebay, and i will make all things on this. thank you for your time.

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