OpenWrt support for TP-Link tl-xdr3010

Want to know if this router compatible with openwrt

Original Firmware:


RTL8367S switch controller
IPQ0509 CPU dual core 1GHz integrate 256mb RAM 2.4G 2x2 574Mbps
QPF4206 2.4G FEM chips x2
QCN6102 5G chip
QPF4506 5G FEM chips x2
16mb FLASH

Bought this router from China around 42USD because I watch some review saying it simply outperform most of the router even with higher price, however it didn't support PPPoe VLAN ID to dial up for internet connection, which is what my ISP require, now it's just a brick laying on the floor, not sure if this model will be support by openwrt in future can make it PPPoe VLAN friendly.
If it not compatible, I'll just use this as a bridge.

P/S: Sorry if i posting in wrong category, I'm new here and not sure which category to post.

Today, no.
All AX devices capable of running openwrt, are (so far) MediaTek based

You could use a managed switch or OpenWrt router with gigabit switch in line between the XDR3010 and the ISP to add tags, then you could get some use from the device with stock firmware.

256 MB RAM is pretty much guaranteed to never be supportable, 512 MB is already rather tight with ath11k.