OpenWrt support for TP-LINK Archer AX50 v1

Yes and steal I don't know from where download the bin to install on the router

Where in this thread does anyone claim, there is one?

To be explicit, again, there is no support for this device, there will never™ be support for this device.

This thread really isn't too long to read it in its entirety before asking the same questions again, all you may want to know has already been answered in the first three posts - and no, the situation isn't likely to ever™ change.


Has anyone been able to compile the GPL release from TP-Link for the AX50 (either EU / US package)?

I'm getting this error

make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/bevanweiss/Documents/ax50v1_GPL_3_US/intel_GRX350/sdk/'
make[2]: *** [tools/Makefile:122: /home/bevanweiss/Documents/ax50v1_GPL_3_US/intel_GRX350/sdk/] Error 2

Which seems like it's a legacy 'OpenWRT' build challenge rather than a missing Lantiq binary blob or similar.

I've got one of these devices that is currently in service as my home router, but I'm about to replace it, and hence would be able to start hacking at it, once it's not required to provide service.
Starting with compiling the stock from GPL source (and instructions) is my first step..

This really isn’t openwrt related, but you may get have more luck using a Debian version from the same time period as when the SDK was released.

Check the kernel or underlying openwrt base and the. Go back in time, could be 5 years old or more

It's "reasonably" OpenWRT related.
a. It's in pursuit of getting a new device supported under mainline OpenWRT
b. The tools/Makefile location of the error is an 'OpenWRT' file (albeit from back in 2010) hence why I was hoping someone might be familiar with the error, and know the tweak to overcome it.

I'll try Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and then see how it goes.

I suggest starting with 18.04, but v16 is likely how old the SDK is.

Building from the vendor SDK is not likely to help you with porting openwrt. The vendor sdks are heavily bastardised and have limited relationship to openwrt.

These particular vendor files do contain a DTS for the device (maybe... only compiling and trying will tell for sure).
A DTS is a good start to things :slight_smile:

I got the same error under 20.04 and 18.04 so far.
It's looking like Ubuntu 16.04 might be the winner though :smiley:

If that part works (which TP-Link say it should), then I'd look at whether it still works when attempted on the latest prpl platform (
That at least moves it a little closer to OpenWRT mainline kernel (from 3.10=>4.14).
It seems prplOS is also planning to re-align with OpenWRT 22.03 sometime this year. Which might bring them even closer together (although the AX50 would likely be dropped at that time... other devices on the same SoC might still make it through)

Problem isn't Openwrt, it's the Linux kernel, and it's not
"reasonably" OpenWRT related, until it changes.

As long as there's no hw support in Linux, you're screwed.

That's pretty much what all of the old replies in this thread say, and it (most probably) won't happen..

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The CPU architecture is already supported in linux core (MIPS InterAptiv).
So the additional items that would be required would be the various SoC drivers (inc. ethernet/wifi if they're not already supported as separate device drivers).