OpenWrt support for Tenda AC6 (AC1200)

Hi all,

I see in list support hardware, openwrt support tenda ac9 with chipset broadcom bcm53xx

Now I'm finding openwrt firmware for Tenda ac6 use chip broadcom BCM53573B0

Can you give me a tutorial to build openwrt firmware for Tenda AC6 ? Thanks you so much.

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It should not be hard as SoC is upstream supported.
But you should know that only B43 driver supports the radios

So i have this Tenda Ac6 it has decent hardware 8MB rom 64MB ram with the broadcom 53573b0 SoC i want to setup openwrt so bad on it I hope someone could guide me as broadcom chipsets seems supported overall but this one is no where to be found, i can provide any data you as i am an electronics guy i can provide flash dumps if necessary, thanks for any help

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I think your device has a BCM5357 SoC (B0 is probably a revision)? There's a few devices supported by OpenWrt, none have functional wireless though it seems.

The target you need to look at, if you would like to introduce support, is brcm47xx.

This is a different chip than the one you mentioned it is the BCM53573 which is a dual band 2x2 and a 900Mhz cpu

Edit: never mind me. I see now that yours has an extra digit indeed.


yea they are totally different the first one is just a 300Mhz 1x1 wireless n.

Anyone manage to get it working on the Tenda AC6 (AC1200). I'd really like to be able to use OpenWrt instead of the crap firmware it comes with.