OpenWrt support for Netgear GS108Tv2/GS110TPv1


Is there any chance the original GS110TPv1 will be supported by openwrt ? On github, fvollmer seems to have openwrt booting on a GS108Tv2 but as stated not fully functional since the pci bus isn't working. (

Another user kettenbach-it says the Netgear GS110TP seems to be the exact same system as the GS108Tv2, except with two more SFP ports and PoE.

If I can help with testing, I'm willing to.

TL;DR: Get a Realtek-based switch if you want to run OpenWrt on it.

At the moment, the only switches supported by OpenWrt are based on Realtek RTL83xx/RTL93xx SoCs which are found in the GS108Tv3 and many other switches.

The GS108Tv2 uses an entirely different SoC, it's a Broadcom BCM53312 platform with less power (200MHz vs. 500MHz) and less RAM (128MiB vs 64MiB) than most of the Realtek switches.

According to the website you linked, quite a lot of work is still required to make it fully work. Unless you or someone else invests that time, it's not very likely that you will see support for Broadcom switches.

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Only 5 Ports, the Unifi USW Flex, but with POE (1in, 4out), is also supported. It's an MT7621AT, a bit pricey at 108Euro and there is no 8 Port variant, afaik.


Ok, thanks for clarifying this.