OpenWrt support for Lianwang R311 4G LTE router

I've bought one of these.

Lianwang's website gives very little info on the device.

I needed a very cheap 4G LTE router with an ethernet port to use in temporary accomodation.

I imagine that this device is sold by other vendors under different names?

It's not the end of the world if OpenWRT can't be installed on it. I can attach it to another router that has OpenWRT installed.

open it up, post a photo of the PCB, and we'll try to let you know if it's even supportable.

wifi is Realtek RTL8192ES, so probably the whole SoC is realtek

I've taken some photos.

Doubt is helpful. However, in the bottom right hand corner of the mainboard is a micro USB port that isn't accessible from the outside. It looks to have the data lines connected.

I don't know how to get the metal enclosure off. Nor do I have a soldering iron here atm.

Can confirm wifi is RTL8192ES.