OpenWrt support for Dovado PRO AC

In my more stupider days I bought a Dovado PRO AC - nowadays I strive to minimize buying things in which the firmware cannot be replaced by an OSS variant.

Anyway, Dovado has since then filed for bankruptcy...
I was thinking of toying with trying to get OpenWRT on their Dovado PRO AC - the hardware isn't that bad I think. My first attempt was to look at their firmware updates (which I had downloaded). Of course it's encrypted (and, when I found that out I thought it served them right to go bankrupt; shitty brown company that has no regard for the environment and expect their consumers to just toss their hardware when they can't be arsed to keep their software updated anymore).

In the end, I wonder what the next step would be here. Attempting to disassemble it and hoping to find a serial connection? But then what? Any pointers appreciated.

Might that be it? Of course there are no pins. What would be easiest to do here?

Solder pins, if you got the tools.

I don't. Is there a nice tutorial that is applicable to my scenario somewhere?


you could try to bend the bare wire 180deg, making it thicker, so it doesn't come loose as easily.

another option could be to use something to keep the wire in place, like the pointy end of a tooth pick.
put the wire in the hole, insert the tooth pick, and hope it keeps the wire i place.

Cool. I'll try something. I think I understand. Need to get some wire, or pins to mount. Hardware isn't my area - but this seems pretty trivial.