OpenWrt support for DIR-853 A4


I have just received the Dir-853 A4 version and want to now use it as just an AP. I already have my own router.

I have read through the thread but nothing on the A4. Any help of what I can flash the router with and how I do that would be appreciated.


Well, it's not supported, so not much, really...

Unless you want to help getting it supported.

Ah I see. I thought I might be missing something as I am completely new to this.

Well yes, if it could be supported that would be great as I would love to use the router rather than waste it. How would this work?


Open it up, find the serial console, connect a TTL usb serial, and post the boot log.


Ok will do this when I get a chance to read how and buy the right things! Thank you very much

Hi @Trebor,

I have a firmware that might work for your device (or brick it :sweat_smile:). It has been tested by only 1 person before on the A4. I compiled it assuming everything is the same between both devices except the name.

If you really want to take the risk please send me a PM. This is just because it is based on Padavan and not openwrt and was asked before not to share them here.

Again this was only tested once so there is a small chance of bricking your device.

1 Like I have a3 a4 10pcs

Hi @kar200 !

Could you share the A4 firmware with me as well. I've got an A4 I'd like to have OpenWRT on.

Have used your A3 firmware successfully in the past. Thanks of all the help.


Could you share the A4 firmware with me i want to test it

Hi @kar200

Any updates on the A4 firmware?