OpenWrt support for Deco X20

currently, only Mediatek AX radios are supported, so in a way, it's still a dead end, at least for now.

but QC AX support is being worked on (in mainline Linux kernel), but is still far from being mature
enough for openwrt support.


Okay thank you. I'll try to open it up and inform you about it.


Yeah so tried to open it up but I couldn't quite figure it out. Can someone help me with that.

Figure what out?

How to open it up

The deco x20 v4 is 1Ghz Dual core Qualcomm IPQ5018 chip. This seems to be chip thats now common for almost all latest versions of Decos. Also the Deco x20 seems to have a recovery page where you can upload a firmware. Could be interesting if anyone is interested as the chip is quite powerful with 2 A53 cores.

Better, but still a no go, for now.

Quick update.

So the deco X20 versions V1, V1.20, and V4 are based on Qualcomm chips.
While versions V2, V2.6, V3, and V3.6 are based on Broadcom chips.

I got V2 :disappointed_relieved:.

Yep. The latest is v4 and v4.6 the original ones (v1) were quad core A53 chips while the latest ones are dual core A53 chips most likely because of chip issues. The Broadcom is bcm6755 I think which is the same one in x20-4g. I had the x20-4G and x20 v4 and the Qualcomm chip x20 was much better at Wi-Fi than Broadcom and in general too at routing probably because of the NPU.

Deco X20 V3 is actually using a Mediatek chip:
MT7621AT + MT7905DAN
You can also verify this by downloading the GPL code.
This version could be supported by OpenWRT today.

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Hello everyone
I want openwrt support for the TP-LINK DECO X20 v1.20/v1.2; it's definitely qualcomm, and it even has its GPL source code released on its website, and maybe because it has same SOC architecture, for some reason it may also be possible to port Openwrt for the DECO X60

Here is the original source code link for the Deco X20 1.20/1.2 (US):

for your convenience, here is a copy of the gpl src that I had unarchived and uploaded to my github repository:

As I am 16 years old, I don't have much knowledge about building OpenWRT for this device; I don't have a serial reader, and I can't mess up with the internal parts. The best I can do is do everything possible from the outside; I know the usage of git, know Linux, and have used OpenWRT on my XiaoQiang 1200AC. But I guess it's worth it for doing research on the X20 v1.20 (specifically just 1.20; no confusion, it's using the QCA chipset).

Thanks for looking into this !

pretty much sure it uses QCA networking 600 as my isp's website mentioned it uses a 1GHZ qca soc, it is possible its QCA N600 says the deco x20 v1.20 uses a QCA IPQ 8070 SOC

I just exchanged my defective deco x20 and in exchange I received the v3.
Going through the existing supported device, can confirm the deco x20 v3 use the same hardware as that of number 14-17.

Can someone help me create an image for my device.

you build the image but how you are gonna flash it?

With safest posssible way.

X20 v3
kernel 3.10.108 and based on OpenWrt 12.09-rc1

_X20 3.0_en_1.0.7 Build 20230413 Rel. 36949_US_EU_JP_B4_EG_up.bin.extracted# binwalk jffs2-root/fs_1/imageuboot

0             0x0             uImage header, header size: 64 bytes, header CRC: 0xE2299E32, created: 2023-04-13 02:15:42, image size: 144584 bytes, Data Address: 0xA01FB040, Entry Point: 0xA0200000, data CRC: 0x88D24931, OS: Linux, CPU: MIPS, image type: Standalone Program, compression type: none, image name: "NAND Flash I"
119212        0x1D1AC         CRC32 polynomial table, little endian
120236        0x1D5AC         U-Boot version string, "U-Boot 1.1.3 (Apr 13 2023 - 10:15:38)"

WDMyCloud:/mnt/shares/Public/Downloads/_X20 3.0_en_1.0.7 Build 20230413 Rel. 36949_US_EU_JP_B4_EG_up.bin.extracted# binwalk jffs2-root/fs_1/vmlinuz

0             0x0             uImage header, header size: 64 bytes, header CRC: 0xE88062EE, created: 2023-04-13 02:14:20, image size: 3358613 bytes, Data Address: 0x81001000, Entry Point: 0x81778C60, data CRC: 0x58E55B04, OS: Linux, CPU: MIPS, image type: OS Kernel Image, compression type: lzma, image name: "Linux Kernel Image"
64            0x40            LZMA compressed data, properties: 0x5D, dictionary size: 33554432 bytes, uncompressed size: 11610112 bytes

_X20 3.0_en_1.0.7 Build 20230413 Rel. 36949_US_EU_JP_B4_EG_up.bin.extracted#

All extracted using binwalk . Look like good candidate for OpenWrt support . Go for it

the gpl src is public and they use 15.05 not 12 check above discussion thanks.

bad news for you, you can't do it that way, no one ever flashed or tried openwrt on this model, and currently, there are no webui or ssh vulnerabilities exposed for this model yet, so you have to open it and mess around with the internals.

and asking Tplink support didnt help, if they open-sourced it why not at least give some hints or help ;(