OpenWrt support for D-Link DIR-1760

Is there a possibility DIR 1760 may be supported by openwrt

There's a fair chance the DIR-878 pull request might cover that device too (albeit with some aesthetical changes to accomodate the different model name maybe). DIR-882 seems identical to the DIR-878 as well (besides a USB 3 port).

Edit: maybe analysing the D-Link firmware image might show you what changes you need concerning image names and whatnot. But it's not my area of expertise.

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Careful about the flash partitioning, even if the hardware were 100% identical, that's often a place where vendors come up with different ideas to diversify their products from each other.


Good point. I also see now that the DIR-878 has only 16 MB flash and 128 MB RAM whereas the DIR-1760 has 128 and 256 respectively. So the DIR-878 won't work as is.

It's also SPI-NOR (DIR-878) flash vs NAND (DIR-1760) flash, so there will be bigger changes to the DTS, sysupgrade support and image format (UBI) necessary.


The DIR-1760 specs look similar to the DIR-2660 (same Flash and RAM), which has a snapshot image. I do see there is one less USB port (DIR-1760 has 1 USB 3.0, DIR-2660 has 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0).

I was able to get the DIR-2660 image working on my DIR-2640, but the specs were pretty much identical.

I believe the 1760/1960/2660 are all now part of the same dtsi and will be included in the master branch when 20(or 21 depending on when it comes out) is released