OpenWrt support for D-Link COVR 1100

Is anybody working on OpenWRT support for D-Link COVR 1100?

You'll probably need to open it up, FCC doesn't show the SoC.

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9563
wlan0 QCA9563 2.4 GHZ
wlan1 QCA9886 5.8 GHZ

There are two revisions of this device:

  • A1 uses unknown Wifi with a RTL8363 Switch (maybe Qualcomm as @ercolino mentioned before, but I didn't find any hint for Qualcomm in the GPL sources, only for realtek)
  • B1 uses RTL8197/RTL8812 Wifi with a RTL8363 Switch

Both devices probably have 16MB flash and 128MB RAM

If somebody is interested in the A1 device:

  • Case can be opened at the bottom, there are two screws which must be removed (marked yellow):

The bottom is clipped to the remaining case.

UART can be reached after removing the metal plates of the board, pins are labeled but unfortunately no 2.54mm connector:

Serial settings: 38400,8N1, 3.3V

OEM Bootlog:

Hi, did someone got any further with this device ?
I've got 6 of those (4 x A1; 2 x B1) , with the horrible stock firmwar :frowning:

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Did anyone manage to successfully run openwrt on this device?

Do you have a bootlog for the B1?

Which hardware revision do you use?

Covr-1100, H/W Ver.: A1, F/W Ver.: 1.02.

The A1 Revision uses a Realtek chip where the chances for getting OpenWrt running are quite low