OpenWrt Summit 2024 & Battlemesh v16 Announcement

Hello everyone!

We're doing an OpenWrt summit this year. We're inviting all OpenWrt enthusiasts to join us at the event. We will auction off one or two OpenWrt One. And we will have a big cake for OpenWrt's 20 year anniversary. It's going to be a relaxed event full of social activities with visits to very special places.

Date: 18-19 May 2024, 2 days

Venue: Tatlısu/Ακάνθου/Akanthou, Cyprus

We're also hosting the Battlemesh v16 event starting 15 May 2024. We have visits to very special places on 15 and 19 May. I suggest arriving in Cyprus on 14 May and departing on 20 May. The event is free of charge and open for all.


Add yourself to the participants list. I will use the participants list to fill the visit request form to enter the Nicosia airport, read the event page below for more information. If you'd rather not have your name there, please send an email to the organisation team with the same information displayed on the participants list.

Accomodation Package:

We've agreed on a discounted price with the Olive Tree Hotel. Single room 60€ per night, double room 80€ per night. Breakfast and dinner is included.

The hotel guarantees availability to host 50 people for a 6-night stay; check-in on 14 May and check-out on 20 May. Please make a reservation by adding yourself to the participants list two days prior to your check-in date.

Taking the accomodation package is, of course, optional.

For those coming from abroad, we suggest you arrive to Larnaca International Airport.

More information:

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Is this an official OpenWrt event? Organizing such events in places with a troublesome status like northern part of Cyprus seems questionable for me.


We've decided that the northern part of Cyprus will be a part of the locations for Battlemesh v16 & OpenWrt Summit 2024 on Battlemesh v15 in May 2023, with Hauke's presence. We also explain the sitaution in Cyprus in detail on the Battlemesh v16 page and ensure the event will traverse safely. Hauke has approved this announcement.


This is an office OpenWrt event. Thank you Arınç for organizing it.


Cyprus looks beautiful!

I won't be attending, but I hope everyone who does attend has a fantastic time!


See you there!

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It might be too late to bring this to the attendees of the event, but here is a message from @dtaht:

It would be nice if OpenWrt finally fixed this bug: - please tell the devs....

cc @hauke