OpenWRT stats via collectd to telegraf

Hello all,
I have been trying to get stats collected and sent to Telegraf on port 25826. I installed the following

luci-app-statistics collectd collectd-mod-dns collectd-mod-interface collectd-mod-iptables collectd-mod-network collectd-mod-openvpn collectd-mod-rrdtool collectd-mod-tcpconns collectd-mod-wireless"

I configured collectd as follows:

BaseDir "/var/run/collectd"
Include "/etc/collectd/conf.d"
PIDFile "/var/run/"
PluginDir "/usr/lib/collectd"
TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db"
Interval 30
ReadThreads 2
Hostname openwrt

LoadPlugin iwinfo
<Plugin iwinfo>
        IgnoreSelected false
        Interface wlan0
        Interface wlan1

LoadPlugin memory
<Plugin memory>
        ValuesPercentage false
        ValuesAbsolute true

LoadPlugin uptime

LoadPlugin cpu
<Plugin cpu>
        ValuesPercentage false
        ReportByCpu true
        ReportByState true

LoadPlugin rrdtool
<Plugin rrdtool>
        RRASingle true

LoadPlugin interface
<Plugin interface>
        IgnoreSelected false
        Interface "br-lan"
        Interface "pppoe-wan"

LoadPlugin network
<Plugin network>
        Server "" "25826"
        Forward false

LoadPlugin load

I even created a fw rule to allow traffic on port 25826 from "this device" ie. the router to any destination.

Yet I see 0 packets sent and my Telegraf instance is not receiving any data from OpenWRT.

What am I doing wron gand how can I fix this?