OpenWrt static Ip for Wifi connection

I am using openwrt 19.07. I am following the guide here: where it says that the relay bridge needs the IP of the router connected to the wifi.

I am unable to assign the openwrt router a static IP from the main router, since this functionality is not available.

So I have two questions: can I just assign the router a static ip for the wifi-connection and how to choose the ip? I don't see how to do it via Luci.

It is not necessary assign ip on main router.
Is assigned to interface relay bridge.


LuCI>Network>Interfaces>WWAN>Edit>General Settings

Change Protocol from DHCP client to Static address and click on Switch protocol.
Enter the IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS server.
Save and Apply

Go to the DHCP Server menu of the main router and see what are the starting and ending IP addresses of the DHCP pool.
You can use any free IP address outside the pool.

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