OpenWrt Snapshot Firewall /proc/self/fd error message

Using the latest daily snapshot on my BT Home Hub 5a, I am struggling with flaky connectivity. The router itself has internet access but doesn't share nicely with the other children.

My best guess is that the problem lies with the Firewall, potentially because of time issues.

The one error message that I can't understand is:

root@openwrtbthh5a:~# fw3 reload
/proc/self/fd/0:9:12-13: Error: Could not process rule: Not supported

/proc/self/fd/0:55:29-44: Error: Could not process rule: No such file or directory

What might be causing this?

The Firewall status tab in LUCI has spins a "Collecting data..." message endlessly. And I'm short on command line Firewall diagnosis skills. Any and all guidance welcome.

latest daily snapshot gets you fw4 ... so there is a misunderstanding on your part or there is something you have not told us...

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Try disabling hardware offloading.

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Thanks Wulfy. fw3/4 is indeed my limited understanding. Will research further & update this thread with what I learn to check my knowledge & hopefully help others..

Thanks Jow. Will keep hardware offloading disabled (presume software offloading is still OK?).

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well... fw4 is symlinked to fw3 so, fundamentally the command you showed is not 'wrong'...

but yeah... it's all pretty fluxworthy right now...

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@anon50098793 @jow : Any thoughts on the Firewall status "Collecting data..." spinny spin?

Scratch that. Just found

@jow and all in the OpenWrt developers community, should know that punters like me are cheering you on.

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