OpenWrt serial console setup

Hi everyone,
Im using openwrt with MT7628 Soc .
I want to change the serial console from ttyS0 to ttyS1.
Can you help?

Make a softlink?

Is there another serial port that could be designated ttyS0?

In mt7628an.dtsi, there is an alias

	aliases {
		serial0 = &uartlite;

It might be enough already to override this to uart1, so eventually after the bootloader executes, the console output would be switched to uart1, if that is what you intend. Keep in mind the bootloader might still be an issue, if you want to connect a peripheral to ttyS0. (just like e.g. for a GPS receiver attached to a router's internal port, the EN line should only be set after booting, so the bootloader is not confused by messages on that port)

Thanks for your reply dear friend.
your solution will change the uart in the buildroot, before compiling the openwrt. but i want to change it from an running openwrt. is it possible??

See if you can change the kernel command line arguments in bootloader.

In the wiki, there is an article on how to completely disable the default internal console (to use the tty for other purposes, e.g. connect a gps receiver etc.).

[OpenWrt Wiki] Terminate UART Console

This involves modifications in /etc/sysctl.d/ and /etc/inittab. Probably these are also the places where to configure another port as the default system console, although I'm not familiar with the details of these configuration files.