OpenWrt script to configure OpenVPN server w/ two-factor auth (cert & user/pass)

Hello. I'm using OpenWrt with OpenVPN server to provide secure remote Internet access to my LAN.

While setting it up, I found that available example configurations didn't account for use of username/password authentication. I wanted to configure OpenVPN server with both PKI certificate and username/password verification for basic two-factor authentication. Found a few scripts scattered around, but none that I loved so decided to put my own together.

Script and readme are located here:

It's a text-menu driven script, and provided you follow the initial setup steps in the readme, or have an OpenWrt router already configured, should get you up and running with a basic two-factor authentication (certificate and username/password) OpenVPN server pretty quickly.

I used a WRT3200ACM, but it should work without issue on alternate hardware.

Hope it helps!

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