OpenWRT router

Advise which router to buy for OpenWRT to cope with WireGuard and OpenVPN encryption without speed limit?

Every device will have an upper speed limit. There is no way to get unlimited speeds.

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Do you have unlimited bandwidth towards internet ?

So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST will probably apply to you, even more so, if you need encryption on top of it..

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How much money you got?

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A 3rd and 5th generation i7 intel CPU can do 1Gbps on wireguard according to the link below.

Now-a-days a mini-pc N100 style router can do wireguard at 1Gbps.

I don't know if current commercial VPN's can offer those speeds to match your fancy router though.


Personally I am getting 500Mbps wireguard performance with Mullvad on a E8450 v23.05.0-rc1.


260Mbps wireguard on a EA8300 v22.03

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i have 60 dollars

So that the router can cope with Wireguard and the processor is not loaded at 100% and there is no loss of speed due to this

Reliable, fast, cheap.

Pick any two.

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Getting the optional machined metal case is not optional - it needs the heat sink - but you can get a NanoPi R2S with case for $32, plus whatever it takes to get it to your door. There are better options for more money of course.

The R2S has four A53 cores running at 1.2 GHz and the E8450 has two A53 cores running at 1.35 GHz. More cores should give you more Wireguard speed than the E8450, but the slower R2S clock rate will probably result in proportionally slower speed with OpenVPN, which runs on one core, compared to the E8450.

If you need WiFi or more ports and can find an RT3200 or E8450 (same device) within your budget, it would be hard to go wrong with frank92735's suggestion. A Netgear WAX206 would also be comparable to these.

Go with tp link AX23 IT IS ON YOUR budget and it is good.
Else you can go with xiaomi ax6s or ax6000

The ax23 may be on budget, but I don't think the MT7621DAT CPU in the ax23 will be a good option

OpenVPN in particular will be quite slow with the CPU in the TP-LINK AX23. The AX23 is also low on flash (only 16MB) and especially low on memory (only 128 MB).