OpenWrt router configuration problem WNR1000V2

First of all please excuse me for my translation I am French. :wink:

Here I expose my problem, I have a Netgear WNR1000V2 router that I want to put in place of the box of my provider.
Except I installed Openwrt for my router version 18.06 but in the Interface menu I do not see my Wan port to be able to tag a Vlan + its CPU here is my screen.

Et mon second problème c'est au niveau de l'installation des logiciels pour le routeur, tout s'installe sur la RAM de celui-ci donc ce qui veut dire que à la moindre coupure électriqueou reboot je perd tout ce qui est installé comment puis-je faire pour qu sa s'installe dans la mémoire interne et non la RAM svp ?

Could you help me on these 2 problem please.

Thank you and good day. :wink:

Be aware of the 4/32 limitations.

You should be able to see the WAN port in the interfaces section (most likely is eth0). To tag a vlan you can create a new interface under eth0.vlan physical interface.

Hello and thank you for your answer.
But the problem I have when I need to tag the wan port in the / etc / config / network file in the Swtch0_vlan section is the number that corresponds to my Wan? screen below.

About the memory of the router with an older version it was installed on the memory of 4mo and not on the 16 of ram how can i reinstalled on that memory?

Thanks in advance.

Please post here the whole /etc/config/network to see which physical interfaces the device has.

The 4MB is flash and the 16MB is ram. Contents of flash will survive a reboot, unlike contents of the ram. You cannot install an Openwrt image on the ram, but you could use a usb stick to expand the flash space. Still 32MB of RAM cannot be expanded and you'll eventually have headaches from crashes due to memory starvation.

1557397971-capture-du-2019-05-09-12-32-15.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

Next time try to copy paste the contents of the files here using preformatted text, rather than posting screenshots of the desktop.

You can modify or delete the wan and wan6 interfaces and create new wan interface as following:

config interface 'wan'
        option proto 'dhcp'
        option ifname 'eth0.123'

where 123 is the vlan you want to tag.

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Ok I understood but the concern how to tag a port that does not appear
I wish to tag the Wan port to the CPU but how do I do if I do not have its port number?
switch_vlan config
option device 'switch0'
option vlan '2' # index
option ports 'xt xt'

I need it to connect to my isp ....

For this model eth0 connects directly to the WAN port. bypassing the switch. So do not reconfigure the switch. It is only necessary to add the VLAN number to eth0 in the wan section of /etc/config/network like @trendy said.

This can also be done in the web interface by going to Interfaces - WAN - Physical then click the interface name, scroll down to very end which is create a new network, type 'eth0.n' (n being the number your ISP uses) and press enter to create and change to a VLAN'd eth0.

If your ISP does not offer IPv6, remove the wan6 section.

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Builds for 18.06.02 and 17.01.06.