OpenWrt Router as Client possible?

TL;DR at the bottom.

I'm a student in Germany, I live in dorm and I have a big problem with my internet.
My Nintendo Switch can't connect to the WIFI (provided from the dorm), due to the high safty protocol (WPA2-Enterpirse).
Since I have no access to the router directly, I bought a Pi 4 to bridge the WIFI-Signal via Ethernet port to my Switch. Sadly, the result isnt satisfying and this got me here; OpenWRT.

I have absolutly no idea what kind of Router I need for this, so I ask for your advice :).

As I said, the safty protocol is WPA2-Enterpirse, its frequenzy is 5GHz and I can only get the WIFI Signal and there is no way to connect the Router via Ethernet. I want the Router to catch the WIFI Signal and connect my Nintendo Switch (with ethernet cabel) to the router.
What kind of Router do I need?

an absolut OpenWRT Noob,

almost any (supported) router will do what you want... but you need to install a fuller wpad variant (or similar) for enterprise auth... ( yes, the pi would do that too but the RF propagation will cripple your throughput )

for best performance... use a dedicated wireless router with a common radio chipset ( not an SBC )...

search through the Hardware section of the forum to see what's popular / available...


Just one addition, don't get a too low-end device (even if it just barely meets minimum system requirements), it's just too painful - especially if you're just starting to get familiar with OpenWrt. Yes, the CPU/ RAM requirements aren't that high for your use case, but you do need some flash storage to fit in wpad (8 MB would be tight, very tight, with little headroom for the future).

I'm not sure (read that as 'very much doubt) the RPi can be used for this purpose though, as its fullmac chipset (supported by the brcmfmac driver) is not just slow and doesn't come with a decent (1x1) antenna, I think its abilities of concurrent interface combinations are rather limited as well (I don't think it allows AP+STA at the same time).


@slh @anon50098793 So, I scimmed through the forum and bought a Netgear R7800. Most people said its perfect for wireless stuff. Is it good? Or should I have gone with something else?


The Netgear R7800 is probably one of the best supported pieces of hardware by Openwrt. So you should be good.