Hi all, I have read many of the posts regarding wireless usb adapters, and unfortunately I can't get the drivers for the TP-link TL-WN722N (V4).

I use the following command to get more details.

Maybe someone has encountered the same problems as me and can help me.

Realtek USB wireless is usually enough of an indication to run away.

Link to stuff that actually works.


Thank you very much, I bought the adapter that recommended a youtube tutorial and now I regret it, I would have liked to see the hardware recommendation first, maybe in a few years it will work, thanks for the list I plan to make the installation and configuration tutorial and add the list of recommendations, so I can help those who see it not to make the same mistake I did.

But not in OpenWrt :cry:

That appears to be a Realtek RTL8188. You may have some luck with OpenWrt's kmod-rtl8xxxu driver.

It will probably never work any better than it does right now. Realtek is problematic at best. And that is a very old chipset, unlikely to get a lot of developer attention.

USB WiFi is sort of a special case. Most USB WiFi chipsets are similar to the old WinModem style modems, in that some of the bit-bashing done in the hardware with normal chipsets are offloaded to the driver. This is to save space, power, and complexity. And in cases like this, hardware manufacturers are allergic to to release the drivers as open source as it reveals too much about the inner workings of the chipset.

Plus USB is tricky to use for WiFi properly at the best of time, so all USB WiFi drivers are something of a hack.

The Mediatek adapters should work with OpenWRT, as long as the kernel is recent enough to support them.

He was talking about Realtek. MediaTek is a much better story.