OpenWrt repeater with the same subnet

Hi everyone,
I installed openwrt on a router to use it as a repeater for the main router but I would also like to have the same subnet as the main router. Now the wwan is and the LAN, but I would like to have the LAN, I have followed and read diverging comments but I can't get to a solution, I hope someone has the patience to help me .
Thank you.

The easiest solution would be - but that only works if both routers are running OpenWrt (are running a mainline/ mac80211 based driver).

All you need to know is here:

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Without WDS or a more complex scheme, using relayd limits you to different subnets and DHCP, as well as IPv4 only.

Thank you, I hadn't seen it, it works just like I wanted.
I only have one problem, when I try to load the management page from the wifi network many times it crashes and I have to reload it, it also happens with remote access from the other vlan of the main firewall, while with wired connections it doesn't happen.

That’s often a sign of RAM exhaustion.Which device?

I use a Netgear R7800.
Capture below.
EDIT: If it may be useful, I forgot to mention that I use a modified version of openwrt by hnyman the openwrt-18.06 owrt1806-r7820-65a405382b-20190726.

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Sorry if I go off topic, but I would like to solve this last problem, if anyone knows how to solve it @hnyman

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