OpenWrt Repeater Losses Connection Periodically

I set up an AP-Client repeater on my TP-Link RE450, and I'm connected to some 802.11x wireless networks (eduroam etc.).

But strangely, the repeater losses connection to the networks (can't ping, complete loss) after 6-8 hours periodically. Other networks seem not having this problem, but only these 802.11x WiFi do. I often had to reboot the radio to reestablish the connection to solve the problem.

A similar thread is here Client mode wireless connection Drops out, and the methods presented in this thread, like regular pings, don't work. Is there any other solution or what's the root cause of the problem?

By the way, is it possible to instantly switch to another available network when one is down? Such as fast roaming or something else, but I've never tried such methods.


  1. The access-granting bodies and Resource Providers are entitled to regulate, suspend or terminate your access, within their domain of authority, and you shall immediately comply with their instructions.

Are you certain that the Educational Institution isn't terminating your login after a X period of time?

Again, as discussed already, the previous thread had this information. See about Travelmate.

Also, yes - OpenWrt is capable of connecting to mesh and other roaming WiFi technologies.

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If you can ssh into the OpenWrt instance and send the wifi command, then check to see if it fixes the radio - without rebooting, then you likely have the same problem as I and at least one other user on this forum.

Please try connecting via ssh and restarting the Wi-Fi instead of rebooting, to see if you do have the same issue. the next time it happens.


Thanks, but restarting every time is too tedious since the connection is lost every 4-6 hours. I need to find the root problem here...

It would be good to know what is going on. The problem I was having is the wireless would still show associated and connected, but no data could pass. Restarting just the wifi system with wifi would work. I think it is some sort of bug in ath9k.

The watchcat package (actually it is just one script) will make outgoing pings periodically and automatically do something should the pings fail. By default it reboots the router but it could be modified to run wifi, etc.

Thank you very much! Hope the package would help.

But I'm still wondering whether the bug can be addressed, since several seconds of rebooting causes sudden internet loss as well, which could be quite annoying.

What bug?

You haven't described one. If you're referring to the rebooting, you stated that you're doing this manually.

  • Have you confirmed that the school's Network Access Control Policies aren't disconnecting you?
  • Also, you're responding as if you still haven't looked at the Travelmate software in Post No. 2 - to solve your issue

Try to add T1 and T2 times in dnsmasq.conf