OpenWrt relay cant use the services

My main router has the IP With my wlan relay I connected to my main router and my wlan relay becomes the IP Thats OK. When I connected to my wlan relay, I get the correct Ip from my main router for my laptop ( ). But when I do this, I cant access to any service from the wlan relay, like ssh, luci ect... and pinging doesnt work, too.
I only can access the services when I connected my laptop to my main router.
Anbody know, why I only use the services from my wlan relay ( ), when I connected to the main router?

Your relayd router is either misconfigured, or there is 'possibly' an incompatibility issue with your main router. If you post your /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall config files, someone more knowledgeable may be able to help.

It's been a long time since I last used Relayd.

However, I did write up a guide for HH5a (vrx268/atheros device) a several years ago, describing in a lot of detail how to configure Relayd for LEDE 17 and OpenWrt 18. See section 9.10 of:
1-OpenWrt-LEDE Installation Guide for HH5A.pdf

I very quickly run through the above steps for a spare HH5A running OpenWrt 21.02.3, taking into account the changes to LuCI. Relayd works fine here. The relayd owrt router can be managed from the static IP assigned to the wwan interface. Ethernet PC wired to relayd device can access LuCI on relayd device, Asus main router and access point (Both running OEM firmwares), and of course the internet.

Your other posts 'suggest' you have a Fritzbox vrx288/atheros device so should be 'similar' to the HH5A vdsl modem router?

fwiw, you could save your current settings, then factory reset it, and follow above guide to see if it resolves all your relayd issues?

I haven't tried to use the current instructions in Relayd wiki page. I recall the wiki was rewritten in 2017, after I originally published my guide which was derived from the original flawed '2016 era' wiki instructions for Relayd.

Good luck