OpenWrt ra0 entered promiscuous mode

Hi all,
I'm facing a very strange issue:
When booting Openwrt, first it boots and accesses filesystems.
But, then, after about 10 seconds, It does not recognize any command I typed and appear this log:

[   33.780000] device ra0 entered promiscuous mode
[   33.790000] br-lan: port 2(ra0) entered forwarding state
[   33.800000] br-lan: port 2(ra0) entered forwarding state
[   34.610000] jffs2: notice: (1653) jffs2_build_xattr_subsystem: complete building xattr subsystem, 0 of xdatum (0 unchecked, 0 orphan) and 0 of xref (0 dead, 0 orphan) found.

I cannot execute simple command like 'ls', 'cd'

Coud you explain and help me out this case?

  • Device?
  • OpenWrt version?
  • How did you obtain the log if you could not type?
  • Describe 'not recognize' there an error...or you loose connection?

Hi IIeachii,

  • My device is: Linkit MT7688
  • Openwrt version: 15.05
  • I obtain this log in serial console
  • "Not recognize" means it does not response to any commands

This is a seriously ancient version that is not supported anymore, and it is unlikely that you will be able to get any real help troubleshooting that version. And that version should not be used anymore because of the many serious security vulnerabilities that are unpatched in the old versions.

Your device can actually run the latest OpenWrt version (22.03), so you should upgrade and then see if you still have issues

You will need to upgrade in steps - go to 17, then 19, and then 22. Do not keep settings on any of the upgrades. When you finish the upgrades, you can then reconfigure your router (from scratch) and if you still have issues when you’re up to date, we can probably help you figure out what might be happening.

Thank you.
I need to keep this version because of its apps is writing in python 2. I will look for other solutions

Depending on the situation, updating to python 3 isn’t necessarily all that difficult, and there really are reasons you should not be running such an old os on your router (unless it is entirely airgapped from the internet).

It seem to loss of device tree:

Do you know why?

nope. I don't know what you were trying to do or what you have done. Your version is so old I honestly don't remember anything about it, and I think it is unlikely that many (or any?) people on this forum would remember either.

Is it possible that you are actually running a vendor specific branch of OpenWrt and not an official version? What is the output of ubus call system board

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Thank you. This version I'm using is the version that comes with the module. It's the original version that manufacturing installed on module
I've fixed by using reset factory command: umount /overlay && jffs2reset && reboot now

That's not just possible, it's guaranteed, as ra0 (vendor driver, not mt76) implies - so there's absolutely nothing we could do here, either install current vanilla OpenWrt or talk to your vendor.


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