Openwrt R-7800 as switch, casting problems Shield pro


I encountered the following problem and I’m not sure if it’s Openwrt related.
After installing a wired TV-shield pro on the R-7800, it is impossible to cast from PC or smartphone to it.
I installed an R-7800 Openwrt router behind the Orange modem, lan to lan. Modem and R-7800,
I configured the R-7800 as a dumb access point (because of TV-box Orange) according to : and
I disabled : DHCP, Firewall, dnsmasque and odhcpd. Also IPV6 is disabled.
The wan interfaces are disabled by de-selecting ‘bring it up on boot’.
The shield has a fixed ipaddress.
At my house, I’m using my R-7800 as a real router and there it’s functioning fine.
But when using the R-7800 as a switch, it seems not to function.
Does anybody has encountered this problem too and has a solution ?
Thank you very much,


and if you bypass the r7800, and connect the shield to the orange modem ?

Hello, thank you for your quick reply.
Because the shield and openwrt router are on another location, I do not have access at the moment.
Everything is working fine, streaming etc from the internet, only casting is a problem.

Maybe somebody has seen this behaviour before.

greetings Tom

Hello, I did some more tests on the Nvidia Shield and it seems the troubles are over.
It has nothing to do with Openwrt or the router.
My friend had his PIA VPN continously activated on the shield so casting did not work.

Thank you all for helping me.
greetings Tom

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