OpenWrt /partition linksys wrt (wrt3200acm)


I know there are many posts on it but I don't really read about my situation...

How can I install open wrt on my other partition (wrt3200acm)? I have dd wrt on one partition, on the other linksys oem, but when I tried to upload open wrt in oem firmware, I lost dd wrt....? I try to have open and dd wrt on my router

Both the OEM firmware and OpenWrt always flash the "other" partition and then switch booting to that.

So, if you run the OEM firmware and use it to flash OpenWrt, the flashing process will overwrite the other partition (where you had dd-wrt) with OpenWrt and then boot to that OpenWrt partition.


I have not been able to flash ddwrt on my unit. it seems to load and then a reboot as if nothing as happened. How are you guys accomplishing this?