OpenWrt OpenVPN Client and Captive Portal

2th Part Issue - I be behind a Captive Portal. I configured OpenWRT router as Dumb AP at *** First Config *** WAN interface eliminated, LAN static ip pointing to Router Nano M5 giving DHCP, conected to LAN Port, here all Good, any device conected to OpenWRT router, have Captive Portal or internet access, when one device used to Push User/Password. ... i have two accounts, intranet and internet. Using intranet ,cheap price, tunneling to VPS give Internet access.

Issue - Dumb AP Config changed for OpenVPN Config ... no more Captive Portal in any device ... i must change pc LAN ip and put Nano M5 in LAN port on OpenWRT router to see again Captive Portal, then Connect to intranet,,, Real Issue - Change again pc LAN ip and put Nano M5 in WAN port on OpenWRT router. Result .. Internet access.

Question 1 - There is a OpenWRT config , that show Captive Portal like in Dumb AP mode and ABLE use OpenVPN tunneling at Same Time ??? or Question 2 ....

Question 2 - Using 4 port switch, will eliminated , changing Nano M5 from WAN - to - LAN later LAN - to -WAN. ???

Any HELP is Welcome... Thanks...

You could set the rules making the ip/range of the portal excluded from vpn tunnel routing.

Or have a cron script on the router poll some site/ip on internet, as long as the polling works, the tunnel should be up, if it starts to fail, bring down the tunnel, to allow portal login.
Resume tunneling after (re)authentication (since the polling will start to work again).

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I half solved this problem, using 2 different ip at same time on ethernet card, also two default gateways pointing Nano and Archer A7 router. At least now, i dont need to change Nano M5 LAN wire from router Archer A7 from WAN - LAN,, Installed also Free IP Switcher and configured 2 profiles, one in Nanos IP range , second in DHCP for Archer router... It works and now have Captive Portal Page and Internet... Thanks for help.

PD: I will buy anyways a 5 port switch.

LAST UPDATE -- Using Free IP Switcher i discover, that all my problem was DNS querys, when i activated DHCP in ethernet card, router Archer A7 give ip address and gateway ip poiting to himself, but no my ISP provider DNS Server IP,, now i have Captive Portal and Internet.

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