OpenWrt One - celebrating 20 years of OpenWrt

I guess it will be available when the 23.05.4 version is released :thinking:
can’t wait

Got any references for that? Hauke is working on getting 23.05.4 out next week ( and I haven't seen anything about it including OpenWrt One...

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I was assuming, I didn’t know 23.05.4 was so close, anyways I hope we can get more details soon

Release updates are usually quite boring. Looking at 23.05-snapshot, .4 will just have the usual version upgrades on packages and kernel 5.15.158 (unless someone bumps it; it's at .160 as of today).

Yeah, do you know if the next minor release will cover the GL-MT2500? Which by the way it has the same SoC OpenWrt One has (MediaTek MT7981B)
I didn't find anything

It looks like that target is only on SNAPSHOT, no backport so nothing in 23.05: You'll have to wait for 24.x to get a release version.

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There are already over 25 filogic devices supported by 23.05.3, so I don't understand why you think a backport for GL-MT2500 is not possible! Someone just needs to create a pull request for 23.05 branch and get the necessary approvals for merging.

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I don't think that at all. I think anyone who wants the backport will have already done it. If they don't want to put in the work, they'll have to wait for 24.x.

This thread is coming up on six months old. What kind of timeline is there for regular people to get our hands on one of these?

The order lead time for the main SoC was unfortunately 10 weeks, causing a delay. The ODM will produce the first 200 DVT devices next week. So not long now. I have also received the final version of the schematics in KiCAD format and will upload them shortly.


I used a more well known brand at one time on a server that I needed to run Rocky Linux 9 on, and the processor was too new and not yet supported fully, and my built in ethernet was useless. Using one of these M.2 cards let me get my box running until the fixes were all in for my hardware. Some chipsets are better than others, so pay attention to the specs.

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I want/need a new router. When and where can I order One?


Are there any recommended SFP(+) devices or should any cooperate?

I have the possibility to upgrade my line to 10G, or more. Probably going to take it :smiley:

honestly take the most ""official"" one... skip any chinese crap... SFP is real lottery and the best advice is to at least gets the "good combo" to limit problems with it... I guess mikrotik should be O.K. or anything where you have power to tune them for the task...
Also I suggest to skip copper stuff entirely (the lottery there is even worse) unless you plan to mount a fan on the sfp plug. (soo either DAC or fiber)

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Cheap chinese crap 25gig mm works like a charm at ten gig, also finisar, avago ten gig and, one gig, and also cheap chinese crap 25gig dac works like a charm, and hp / juniper/ cisco 10 gig dac zero probleme.

When is this OpenWrt router going to be out. I am looking to get me 2 new APs.

Any examples you bought in Europe?


Maybe not crappy enough, but personally I don't see any reason to look further than for optics. All the common stuff is available from their DE warehouse.

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unfortunately it's not that easy. at least some project members simply don't like to backport. take a look.

this explains that reviewer time is scarce, and reviewers might opt to use it to improve the main branch instead.

Looking at the PR, backporting support for this device is quite borderline (in regards to the usual device support backport acceptance) - in regards to those base-files changes. Not a deal breaker, but certainly something you really need to convince a reviewer about.

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