OpenWRT on Xiaomi BE7000

Is it worth waiting for the 23rd version of OpenWRT on Xiaomi BE7000?
For some reason, the model is not even represented here among the Xiaomi lineup(

it's not supported, so why would it be ?

I don't understand anything about the intricacies (
I thought that if the ax 9000 received support, then there would be no difficulties on the BE7000 either

You thought wrong, the ax9000 and the be7000 don't have anything in common at all, different SOC, different wireless - neither having any kind of support so far. Development needs to start from (almost) zero - and exactly nothing has changed from the situation I described almost a year ago.

nm, misunderstood.

"Neither of them" referred to the ipq9554 SOC and qcn6224 wireless (ath12k) of the be7000, not the well-known ax9000. Both SOC support (including the dreaded wired side, QCA has been neglecting in recent years in favour of their NSS based offloading) and the ath12k based wireless side will require significant development efforts.

EDIT: btw. the combination of qcn5024 (ath11k, 2.4 GHz) and qcn6224 (ath12k, 5 GHz) probably makes MLO, a big new feature of wifi7/ 802.11be, impossible from the hardware side of things (not that OpenWrt would support MLO yet, nor do upstream kernel- and hostapd fully support it at this point).