OpenWrt on Ubiquiti EdgeMAX PoE-5

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum here and I just wanted to know if the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE is compatible with OpenWrt before I attempt to install it. I see all the other EdgeRouters on the list except this one, but they all seem to use very similar firmware officially. It seems that the EdgeRouter PoE uses a Cavium SoC, which matches that of the EdgeRouter Lite, a supported device.

I'd like to use Cake QoS since I've heard great things about it. Thanks in advance for your responses!

Link to my router:

Looks like the same SoC, but the PoE-5 has a switch on 3 ports and the ER-Lite does not - hardware is not the same, which could be an issue.

FWIW, I've had good experience with EdgeOS QoS (FQ_CODEL only) on my ER-X. My ER-X is running OpenWrt with layer CAKE QoS now, but I did not notice much QoS difference one way or the other after flashing OpenWrt. Both EdgeOS FQ_CODEL and CAKE tamed ISP bufferbloat well and both delivered ~185Mbps from the MT7621 processor in the ER-X. I've found OpenWrt easier to configure and more flexible than EdgeOS, and frankly, I got tired of waiting for Ubiquiti to fix EdgeOS 2.0 offloading on the ER-X. But for QoS, you could do worse than EdgeOS.

Thanks for the response! That's the main reason why I want to switch from EdgeOS to OpenWrt. I have a 300 Mbps down, 35 Mbps up connection, and QoS unfortunately does not work as intended due to my high download speed. I heard that CAKE QoS might be better so I wanted to give it a try, but it sounds like it might not be a good idea based on your analysis.