OpenWrt on Ubiquiti EdgeMAX PoE-5

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum here and I just wanted to know if the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE is compatible with OpenWrt before I attempt to install it. I see all the other EdgeRouters on the list except this one, but they all seem to use very similar firmware officially. It seems that the EdgeRouter PoE uses a Cavium SoC, which matches that of the EdgeRouter Lite, a supported device.

I'd like to use Cake QoS since I've heard great things about it. Thanks in advance for your responses!

Link to my router:

Looks like the same SoC, but the PoE-5 has a switch on 3 ports and the ER-Lite does not - hardware is not the same, which could be an issue.

FWIW, I've had good experience with EdgeOS QoS (FQ_CODEL only) on my ER-X. My ER-X is running OpenWrt with layer CAKE QoS now, but I did not notice much QoS difference one way or the other after flashing OpenWrt. Both EdgeOS FQ_CODEL and CAKE tamed ISP bufferbloat well and both delivered ~185Mbps from the MT7621 processor in the ER-X. I've found OpenWrt easier to configure and more flexible than EdgeOS, and frankly, I got tired of waiting for Ubiquiti to fix EdgeOS 2.0 offloading on the ER-X. But for QoS, you could do worse than EdgeOS.

Thanks for the response! That's the main reason why I want to switch from EdgeOS to OpenWrt. I have a 300 Mbps down, 35 Mbps up connection, and QoS unfortunately does not work as intended due to my high download speed. I heard that CAKE QoS might be better so I wanted to give it a try, but it sounds like it might not be a good idea based on your analysis.

You're most welcome. "Gigabit" router often means Gigabit only if you are not taxing the CPU with SQM, VPN, etc. and using OEM firmware hardware NAT acceleration. QoS does need some CPU horsepower.

Your PoE-5 has a Cavium 500Mhz dual core MIPS CPU that is slower even than that in the EdgeRouter X. I would be surprised if you were getting more than ~100 Mbps on your PoE-5 with FQ_CODEL. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you want QoS at 300 Mbps, I think you're going to need faster hardware.