OpenWrt on the UBNT AF60-XG/AF60-HD?

I just got back from the wispa conference and there is a huge uptick in interest and availability for radios in the 60ghz, 10 and 11 ghz spectrum. I'm under the impression that a lot of these radios actually use openwrt, but in my brief testing of the AF60 is looked like it used very short queues, and didn't have fq_codel, or cake, and that, of course, bugs me. (why so few "get" that fq-codel's very first implementation in 2012 was to cope with rain fade on a nanostation M5 radio I'll never understand... )

It looks to be based on the terragraph project, from meta:

It's running openwrt 19 on the LS1046 target, with an amalagram of u-boot, and platform specific drivers from the NXP flexbuild.

On top of all that it's dpdk based, meaning that the whole network path is run in software...

The QCA radio firmware is a blob, but the rest is open source.

Anyone out there also interested in hacking on this radio? Or can suggest another radio in this new spectrum that's easier to get into? I imagine there's a lot more stuff out there based on terragraph...