OpenWrt on Sitecom WLR-9000 - updatable?

Hi all, I just managed to run OpenWrt on my Sitecom WLR-9000. Lan, Wan, 2.4G and 5G all seem to work fine after a little configuration (had to reassign the WAN interface from @wan to eth1). I'm already happy with that, hopefully it's an improvement over the stock Sitecom firmware.

I couldn't use the official repo as it lacks support for rtkmips, but I found which in turns is a fork of to make it compile on Ubuntu 20.04.

That's OpenWrt 14.07. It's pretty old, nevertheless I'd like to keep it updated with security fixes and maybe new features, but I have no idea how to update it. The repository isn't updated in 5 years except for build fixes.

I found this old thread: I understand the chances are pretty low, but if anyone has any suggestions or anything to share, I'd be super happy.


You seem to build upon a leaked SDK, loosely based on an ancient OpenWrt code base, but probably with significant changes where it matters most (kernel, wireless drivers, replaced with semi-proprietary blobs). There is very little you can do there, aside from going the long way round and porting your device to OpenWrt-proper (master) - assuming by the name (rtk --> RaLink/ Mediatek, rather than Broadcom as claimed by wikidevi), this might be reasonably easy; if it is Realtek based (as the defconfigs kind of suggest), if dead on arrival.

Even the vendor with their resources (but lack of motivation) would be hard pressed to keep this ancient code base even remotely secure (starting with the obsolete kernel v3.10.49, but also all the other highly critical software, wireless drivers and -stack, PPPoE, firewall, SSL, and much, much more), this is a lost cause. Either stay on top (with contemporary OpenWrt stable releases and master) or go home, there is little middle ground - even less within 'reasonably' reach.

Sorry, I can't spare you the boilerplate text - you really are alone with random vendor SDKs or abandoned forks, too much of a difference, too many proprietary bits and pieces:

Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.


Thank you slh for all the information, I wasn't too optimistic. Given the situation I don't think I'll spend any more time on that, especially since the RSSI of both 2.4 and 5GHz radios is significantly lower than with the stock firmware.

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