OpenWrt on RTL8197FH

Hi, I would like to install openwrt on my router, tend AC8 with a Realtek RTL8197FH SoC and I saw that it was complicated to install openwrt with realtek. Would there be an easier way or not ? thank you.

Which complicated way are you talking about? The page you linked shows Status unknown for OpenWRT support.

I believe that OpenWRT does not natively support the realtek chipset, so it's to know if there is a firmware for my router

There is some work on a github, among others:

But no ready to use firmware images. If you can get a serial connection and have a build environment you could try adding support.
Why I answered is because of two Alcatel HH71VM's with the same cpu architecture if I remember correctly. If I get a serial connection, I will try to get that device supported.

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There will be no graphical user interface?

Depends on what you are talking about but when OpenWRT is running on the device you could install LuCI.
When you talk about serial, that is like a terminal.

All right, I'll try to compile and I'll try to