OpenWrt on raspberry pi doesnt connect to my 5GHz network

Hey guys, I want my Raspberry Pi 4b as a Wi-Fi to LAN bridge and that works fine but only with 2.4ghz when I go into the "Join Network: Wireless Scan" it doesn't show my 5ghz network (the SSID of my 5ghz network is: "FRITZ!Box 7520 WC 5Ghz" and the mac is: "B0:F2:08:5D:52:5C"

the "FRITZ!Box 7520 WC" is my 2.4ghz network, and it works fine

also on my phone I can connect to the 5ghz network

I tried to change the SSID and the mac manually, but then it won't connect to any network

thanks for your time and your help, appreciate it

The problem is, the RPi only has a single (non-concurrent) dual-band radio, which can either tune into a single 2.4 GHz channel XOR a single 5 GHz channel. Probably start with an empty wireless configuration (rm /etc/config/ wireless ; wifi config ; reboot), set your region (country) code and then try to scan for your 5 GHz BSSID. Be aware that brcmfmac is very limited in terms of interface combinations, afaik AP/STA (which would be needed for WDS/ 4addr to work) is not possible on this hardware. While the RPi4 can be a very capable wired router, its wireless side is "very limited" (imagine a number of colourful expletives here).

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