Openwrt on raspberry Pi 4

I use openwrt on raspberry Pi 4. I use USB tethering from my phone for network sharing. It connected and after some time internet gets disconnected and connected automatically. Is there any solution for this ?

define "after some time" ?

After connected it gets disconnected after 5 minutes

and if you'd keep a constant ping running towards some IP on internet, on the Pi ?

Yes I use it address

What brand phone?

Does it disconnect even if you were to be using it while streaming, like TY?

I use itel p55 Android phone

Yes it disconnect when I stream for tv

Next time it disconnects send us a snip of the log that includes 20 lines above and everything after the disconnect.

And just to check the config:

In the future, please reply to a person in the thread, especially after more than a day; replying to someone ensures they see it.

It just so happens your title includes Pi 4 and caught my attention.