OpenWrt on old Cisco ASA 5525-x appliance

Hello every one, here is a fun project if you have some old Cisco ASA hardware to breathe new life into!

Items you will need:

  1. Old Cisco ASA 5525-x security appliance, get the cheap one on ebay

  2. Copy of rufus

  3. OpenWRT=

  4. Copy of 7zip to uncompressed files with

  5. 8 or 16gb USB stick

  6. 2 cat 5 or cat 6 cables 5’ long with rj45 ends on each end

  7. Optional SSD drive to insert in the front of the unit for extra space as the internal USB-SSD drive is only 4gb cover and find iBMC_Jtag_VGA_Conn1 This is a 15pin to vga adapter for video out to monitor Ebay Part= VGA Port HD15F Adapter to IDC16 12 Inch (From PC

  8. go to openwrt and download

  9. download rufus = used to burn openwrt to usb stick

  10. download 7zip =

  11. Download Finnix 121 =

  12. open Rufus and install finnix.iso to usb drive

  13. on the Cisco ASA5525-x appliance you need to remove the cover and install the VGA adapter and hook up to monitor for Video output

  14. open BIOS settings go to BOOT, Find ROMMON BOOT setting and HIT the space bar to set it to Disabled

  15. Set boot Priorty to:
    1st Boot: USB-HDD: "your usb stick"
    2nd BOOT: HDD: "your hard drive" SSD
    3rd BOOT: eUSB-HDD:USB Disk

    hit F4 to save changes, Save Configuration and exit

  16. install the USB drive you installed FINNIS onto in top USB slot, turn on cisco ASA applicnce and let boot up

  17. install cat 5 cable to your internet router, and place the other end into eth0 on the back of the cisco

  18. after unit boots up try to ping to see if you can get to the internet

  19. if you can ping go to next step, if you can not ping, plz retry your connections or steps 1-11

  20. after you are able to ping now type in "wget" - no quotes

  21. type in gzip -d openwrt-19.07.4-x86-64-combined-ext4.img.gz

  22. type in "lsblk" to see your disk

  23. typ in "dd if=openwrt-19.07.4-x86-64-combined-ext4.img of=/dev/sda enter

  24. type reboot and remove the usb drive

  25. Yeah, now, place a cable from your pc to port eth6 on the back of the unit and set your nic card IP settings to:
    set your PC IP to:
    set your PC subnet mask to:
    Set your PC gateway to:

  26. open a bros=wser to and you should now see openwrt webpage, log in with admin and the password you set, if you didnt set a password hit enter to move into the web page.

  27. if you need more help watch for details of how to use the setup

  28. good luck and happy OpenWRT with opld Cisco ASA 5525-x appliance


uhhhh, not cheap...

there's a reason why it says ebay, they're sold for ~ $100 there.

Not in my world, sorry...I´m too dumb to find anything that cheap...

you're simply in the old world, not the new one ...