OpenWrt on Intel RST RAID 1

Ahoy friends.
I got OpenWRT running on a x86 machine, but i'd like to use a mirrored SSD setup for redundancy.
So i took 2 Patriot P210 128GB ssds and i've created a RAID 1 setup using Intel RST Utility.
I took the image and wrote it to the newly created mdadm volume, /dev/md127.
Well, so i've compiled an OpenWRT image with mdadm included, but inside of OpenWRT I can only see the physical disks, and not the mdadm volume. That's a problem because the disks will get out of sync right?
Is there something i have to do in order to get it working?
I personally prefer RAID chips which create volumes which are transparent to the OS, instead of that.
Any suggestions here?

I'm afraid OpenWrt is not designed for this kind of setup.
You should consider installing a general-purpose Linux distribution and running OpenWrt in a VM.