OpenWRT on Fritz 1750E and 1200

Hello everyone, I need help to configure these two repeaters with OpenWRT, I already had experience with OpenWRT with the old TP-Link TD-W8970, I want to use these two repeaters to extend the signal of the GL.iNet MT6000, but not I know just how to set it up to do this.
First I installed it on the 1750E and the first thing I noticed was that to enter the interface I had to set a static IP and gateway on the PC connected with ethernet, but when I set the WiFi interface to WDS(Client) and specified SSID and MAC of the router seems to connect but nothing works, before trying with the 1200 I would like to succeed with the 1750E and then I do the same on it.
Eventually I would like to use the 802.11 mesh but I don't really know how to do this either.
Thanks to anyone who will give me a hand.

It foremost depends on the question if your APs are connected to the gl-mt6000 via ethernet (dumb-AP) or WLAN - and if the later, which of the five(+) different approaches you have chosen (if the gl-mt6000 is running OpenWrt, WDS/ 4addr would be the primary candidate).

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I need to connect the repeaters to the GL.iNet via WiFi,
I tried via WDS, GL.iNet runs OpenWRT, but I couldn't, maybe I did something wrong.
After setting the WDS(Client) mode on the repeaters and entering the router's SSID and password, what else should I do? I have to create another Wlan interface for connecting clients I guess, right? What should I do to make the repeater's LAN port work correctly?