OpenWrt on Digi Transport LR54?

I'm interested in installing OpenWRT on my two Digi Transport LR54 Cat6 LTE routers.
I want to get away from the restrictive factory Digi firmware however my devices are not currently listed in the supported hardware matrix. The models I have are P/N: LR54-AA401 and LR54-AW401 both have the CAT6 LTE Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7455 chipset. It is the same chipset in the MoFI4500 that is running a modified version of OpenWRT.

Digi Transport datasheet link

Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain OpenWRT firmware for my devices?

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The MC7455 is an LTE modem module which only manages the LTE connection. The router operating system would run on another CPU in the router.