OpenWRT on D-Link DGS-1210-52 Ver B1

Please advice which one should I use on this hardware:

D-Link DGS-1210-52 Ver B1

Below what I found on TOH

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Looks like this unit is not supported. I don't see it in 21.02.x or in snapshot. Also not showing up in the general forum search. You might want to request support for it in the developer section. If you have the ability to help with the development (or at least to extract various bits of information and test possible builds on your device -- with the slight risk of bricking your unit), that will obviously make a big difference in the process.

Following D-Link's normal revision numbers, my bet would be on a Marvell SOC (unsupported, probably not impossible either, but no one has worked on it/ succeeded yet) - and a quick peek into seems to confirm that hunch.

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This hardware is open souce software.
D-Link provide source code to develop or build the firmware.

I hope openwrt can include this device on supported hardware.

The are some info provided on below link

There are some source code on D-Link website. I hope developer could build this to OpenWRT version.

That doesn't mean the code is complete, nor that anyone will actually spend the money (read buying the device), time (for a new target easily several months) and efforts (experience necessary, and many long nights/ rainy weekends) to port OpenWrt to it, nor that the hardware specifications accommodate for that.

That is not how opensource development usually works, there is no budget to 'just buy random stuff' because anyone has requested support for it, nor spare developer power to do this. Development happens if someone has bought a device for their own needs and now wants to use OpenWrt on it - or it doesn't happen at all. Developers consider the chances of success for this first, now we have a modern switch target with OpenWrt support and several developers actively working on in (realtek), its current state has come quite a long way (and devices with 10 GBit/s ports are already in the works), that doesn't necessarily encourage potential developers to work on other SOCs (where they'd have to start from zero, rather than building upon the work already done by the existing developers).

If you do want to see this device supported, you will have to start working on it yourself - chances that others feel your pain and would do it for you are minimal.


+1 to what @slh said. I fear I oversimplified the process... in plain terms, asking for a device to be supported does not mean that it ever will be, of course. Being part of the development process, on the other hand, and/or donating hardware to the cause (when it has been determined to be feasible and worthy of the time/energy for development) significantly improves the prospects.

I'd like to build an image from D-Link GPL source code... I'd appreciate some link with info to try it: I've been looking for info about it, but found nothing :_(

Thanks in advance!

Ask D-link, it's their tarball?

Source code downloaded from D-Link web:

DGS-1210-52 C1 has three GPL firmwares older one with 398.7 MB the other two 155.49 MB.
Don't mind using older FW if bigger file has required source code to compile.
Just don't know what to do with it...

This thread is about the B1, start your own in the developers section...?

I'll try, thank you @frollic ! :smiling_face: