OpenWrt on agawi da2210 bcm6318kmmlg

hello, i'm new here and not so much experience in installing firmware.
Would like to install openwrt on a modem-router provided by telecom italia and outdated.
Chip on board is bcm6318kmmlg but i'm not able to understand how to retrieve information from installed firmware and configure "openwrt-imagebuilder-18.06.2-brcm63xx-generic.Linux-x86_64" that should be the right choice for the device.
At your service to provide more information.
Looking for some hint or maybe someone who interested in drive me the right step by step workflow.
Thanks in advance

I can't find enough info about this device, nor did I build any images before, but as it doesn't seem a popular device, it uses Braodcom chip and it's an xDSL device, it doesn't sound attractive it at all feasible.

If you want to run OpenWrt, my thoughts is that it's best if you set it in bridge mode, and get another router for OpenWrt. Check here to see which routers are suitable, or if you have certain routers easily available where you are, see if they are in this list, then do some search for them on the forum to see if they have any known issues.

thanks for the reply, sadly it's a provider (TIM) device (so it's supposed to exist in a lot of houses), locked so i cannot turn it in to router (that is what i need) i was hoping in a similar device that already was accessible, i can provide more info about chips on the board but i have no ttl to usb cable and even if i have that i'll be not able to understand and deal with retrieved info.
If u will I'm at your service but it's clear that it doesen't worth the time, it's a 2012 device i just have it and i have time to waste (btw i'm not going to buy a new device), maybe i can learn something :P.
Thanks again.

I moved it to For Developers section of the forum, but I really don't expect anything good.

If you really want to have OpenWrt then you can see f you can set your router in bridge mode, and buy a router for OpenWrt for 20 Euro or something.

Or if you wnat an all-in-one device you could get BT Home Hub 5 Type A form ebay UK. It includes xDSL modem so will work as one-in-all solution, but flashing it requires TTL adapter (and also you need to make sure it's Home Hub 5 Type A because they look similar an people sometimes sell the wrong model or type). You can get it for 5 pounds plus postage. Or you can buy one pre-flashed for 15 pounds or so.

Well, then maybe you should re-consider why do you want OpenWrt in the first place. What functionality are you looking for, or do you just want to learn something new?

:slight_smile: well i'm linux user since 2007 so if i found someone who can take me under his wing i can test something (i think, but maybe i'm wrong).
I'd like to be part or or something similar that's why i'm looking to openwrt, i see it as a operative system for every box that manage network traffic and would be nice to understand that kind of stuffs.
In the other side i have no job so no money would be available even if what i need is just a 10€ router but i have time, sounds more interesting to hack one but when i start i thought it was kind of more easy :stuck_out_tongue: btw i still willing to learn how to install and basic configuration of Openwrt (i had a brief experience with zeroshell and while my network is growing it would be useful to know better instruments) that's all.
If someone want to try me i'll try to follow his instructions, if not nevermind i'll throw it away, just thought that may be worth to give this device a chance because should be like thousands of this box around italy but may be too much work and low performance, i'm not able to judge.
Thanks again for your time.
This is the best documentation i was able to find, sorry it's in italian, you can see all possible configuration. i wasn't able to route it through the sercom (cable to fiber modem) to get a router / access-point to give to my neighbor.

Well, it wouldn't be the best thing to do with your time, even if you have lot of time. Will be too much effort for little return.

Thanks for the manual, but it doesn't show how much FLA or memory this device has. Usually, ISP provided devices have modest specs.

If I were you, instead of spending days of work on that device, probably for nothing but frustration, I would try to do some part-time work or freelancing work online, then take the money and buy a router.

If you have a community such as ninux, you could probably work with them. Find someone who could be coming from UK to collect and bring a number of BT Home Hub 5 Type A (it can be bought via ebay auction for 6 to 8 pounds including postage in the UK. Make sure it's Type A). You would need TTL adapter to flash it, but if you are working with a number of devices then it's worth it.

It can be a nice project if done with a group of enthusiasts, especially if there is the bigger ninus community to join (or maybe they can donate couple of devices).