OpenWrt on a Raspberry, Ralink AP


I have OpenWRT installed on my Raspberry Pi and currently have a few problems with it.

The topic has certainly been around many times, but I could not solve my problem with the help of the other topics.
I want to create a travel router using the PI ́s and a Wlan stick. I bought a "Ralink 5730" stick, but I'm not sure if this chipset is really on the device. I have installed all the drivers like "kmod-rt2800-lib, kmod-rt2800-usb" etc. that are needed, but under "lsusb" I only see "802.11 n WLAN" as device.

No "Radio 1" is created under /etc/config/wireless either.
Could it be that the stick does not contain the promised chipset, or maybe I made a mistake after all? under Windows I am only given the information "Manufacturer: Ralink" for the stick.

Thank you for your help.

The vendor:product ID numbers are the best way to tell which chip you have. It is reported in the log when the device is plugged in, and with lsusb.
Also you could test the device with a full Linux distribution and if it works, make note of which driver it uses. The OpenWrt drivers are from the mainstream kernel.

Did you install rt2800-usb-firmware??