OpenWRT on a PI 3

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and also new to using OpenWRT on a Raspberry PI 3 B+

I am trying to figure out as to why I only have an IP on my br-lan and not on the wlan0

Can anyone help me understand please?
Thank you in advance, sorry if it is a stupid question.

welcome :frog:

typically wlan is placed within the br-lan bridge ( "brctl")... ip on wlan0 is more of a client ( STA ) or isolated network setup where it's bridged to an alternate bridge containing an alternate non-lan interface ( vlan or other ) ... then routed...

search the wiki/forum for "isolated wlan network" or maybe "guest network"/"wireless vlan" for more info...

that said... the Rpi might be slightly different from a typical router ( if for instance the internal wifi is mostly used for / capable of sta? )... I don't know about the Pi specifically....

have you read any wiki docs regarding it's setup?

Thank you wulfy23, I actually have, I researched and read a bit but didn't get the explanation you gave me. I was actually trying to create myself a cheap router that I could create vlans on and route those vlans, however the pi or openwrt doesn't like usb to ethernet devices. So I bailed on that idea and bought an Ubiquity EdgeRouter ER-X. I am still working on the PI with OpenWRT to try and figure out a resolution but I am sure it is going to be tough going.

Thank you for your input it was very helpful.

if you track down a simple/related enough guide... and keep your goals clear and minimal... it's is doable...