Openwrt + Nighthawk S8000

Hello i have a Router Linksys 3200ACM with openwrt (davidc502-build) and use SQM with Cake - peace-of-cake and (nat dual-dsthost mpu 64, nat dual-srchost mpu 64).

I want to use a Nighthawk S8000 to add priority on ports and rate limits, my question is this will help or will do a negative efect to the SQM.

The Linksys router i only use 3 ports (port1 for uplink to S8000, port3 for IPTV and port4 for VOIP, all my wired devices go to S8000 and wireless to Linksys.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Any advice, think that if i prioritise only ports dont do any problem

It wont really have negative effects... unless you clamp down on a ports limit too much... It's good for this purpose... good for phones and games ( prio )... and good for bandwidth hogs...

So, generally... it can help. But it is kind of "blunt"... So you don't want to go too overboard.