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Hi. I am using openwrt in Korea. Openwrt's WiFi does not work and I want to install new firmware, but there is no brand or model like my WIFI router. My WIFI router brand is Dongwon T&I and model is DW02-412H. How can I reinstall firmware in this WIFI router?

If it isn't listed in the table of hardware (and it isn't), it isn't supported. Routers are embedded devices, usually with quite come quirks and peculiarities, and little standard adherence (so those exist in the first place), so each device needs its very own bespoke firmware image - there usually are no generic images.

That doesn't mean it's impossible to add support for it (it seems to be AR9557 based, so unless the vendor intentionally tried to make it difficult, it shouldn't be too hard; NAND based ath79 devices may have to wait for kernel 4.19 though), but someone (this could be you) with the device on their desk still needs to actually do the hard work of porting it to OpenWrt/ ath79 and submitting the resulting patches for merging into OpenWrt. Support for less common devices only sold regionally is often harder to come by, as they're less likely to end up in the hands of OpenWrt developers or more regular contributors, but patch submissions are welcome.

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I have a router hardware picture and information. Is it possible to add brands to add devices?

You can ask @tmomas to add a vendor category in the wiki, but even though high resolution images and bootlogs are a first step for starting to support a new device, they're not sufficient for that on their own.

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How can I ask?

Most developers avoid "blind development" like the plague, so unless there's someone in your country with the same hardware and development experience, the only chance that the device will be supported is if you spend some time learning how to do device bringup and doing it yourself.

As a warning though: Unless you've done device bringups for some other Linux derivative before, the learning curve for doing "new device support" with any distribution is VERY steep.

Aside from extending support for very similar variants, like new hardware revisions with only tiny difference (e.g. different flash chips), blind (not hands-on) development is somewhere between impossible and 10 times the amount of work than doing it hands-on, with a nearly 100% potential to brick the device beyond the recovery capabilities of hardware owner and it being usually impossible to align work schedules sanely.

Can this help? (A Google Translator will help.)무선-공유기-커스텀-펌웨어-개발기/

You already did a very good work

It helps in learning how to add new device :+1::+1: