OpenWrt Monitor/Config Interface/API

I am using a Teltonika Rut955 with OpenWrt. I want to read its monitoring data (signal strength) and configure it. Instead of using the default GUI the goal is to unify the router along with other products in a single unified GUI.

To access the router monitoring data and config I used ubus and uci. This is working okay so far, but I am missing a lot of documentation about all config options (what they do and which are even available). Also the connection between those config files and the services that require a restart is unclear to me.

Is there a better option/API to change the router config at a higher level? I hoped the webui uses a REST backend and only visualizes this via HTML, but this is not the case. Is anything similar to this available or planned?


Unified scalable network monitoring - that looks like Zabbix?

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Thanks for the link to zabbix, that is new to me. It looks like an insteresting tool, but I guess not all options are covered by it. Especially changing config seems to be not supported, only monitoring. But I will have a more detailed look into it?

Any other suggestions still appreciated :slight_smile:

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Some hints at

There's also the command-line tool uci that, at least as I understand it, interacts with the config files.

ubus may or may not have what you need in the detail you desire. For example

and the lack of response other than confirmation that "I use other tools" put me in the rather ugly position of running something like

for wd in $( iw dev | sed -n -E -e 's/^[ \t]+Interface //p' ) ; do iw dev ${wd} station dump ; done